Save the STi

Well… we got offered this had to be quick thankfully seller like ourselves really didn’t wanna see another impreza being broken for spares. After a long long lay up in a garage we recovered it back to the workshop for a closer look hoping it was financially viable. on the ramp and….. rear towers solid It had seen underseal at some time so the underside is good.. negatives.. looks like water has sat against the boot seal consequently the lip on osr is poor. little shabby on osr arch outer only .

After a very long steam clean and wash the bodywork looks good ..few marks here n there but no.major rot.. So the plan ? Although the paints good we gotta sort the boot lip and osr arch and as you walk the car there is the odd paint flaking Mark here and there plus odd stonechip. So….strip ..get the marks gone..fresh white new brakes give the engine fresh seals / gaskets / Cam belt while shell being painted. refurb the wheels and since it’s been stood fresh matched tyres. Then ‘re assemble tidy as we go ..mot and find it a home .. price ? who knows.. when we are done be an add up on spends .. or lay it up Can only go up in value. Cdb fifth injector etc mint interior and almost stock ( radio and exhaust upgraded) Will update as we go 🙂

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